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Smart text, Read it if you dare

This is something I found on my computer, I dont remember where I found it but its been a while, and i've always thought thats it totally reflected my opinion on society.

And I really think that people should consider reading and trying to understand it.

"Maybe he could make some buisness with his style, maybe if he becomes a rich man when he gets older, and his parents would be proud of him.

Now he has a good job. Disillusioned with friendship and exhausted with all the trends, he decides to quit being a follower and just be himself. Sometimes he meets some friends of his old crew, tuning his Mercedes together with his father; because he paid the car; and married a girl he never loved. But when he is drunken , she usually looked fine. Great, isn´t it?

Does this story sound familiar to you? Come on, we are all seen it happen to others before, and if we´re honest we´ll admit that we´ve experienced it ourselves - the trends, the costumes, the role playing.

But after acting out the part for a while, we realize it´s all just a front and move on to the next mold, only disappointed again and again. Where is that true self we are all searching after? Who we are?

Look around - people are trying to desperately to answer this question trough externals. Trough clothes. Through hairstyles or through black finger nails. But no matter how many times we dye our hair, pierce our ears, change our clothes or our friends, we never really find ourselves simply because we´re looking in the wrong place. Our true identity isn´t based on these superficial images. It´s deeper. So much deeper!
So just try to look deep inside you. Don´t be afraid to ask questions. Share your opinions with others. Cause we will find our souls deep in us. Other people call it realization or other names. The name isn´t important; it´s what you will find. There is a kind of spirituality in all of us. Some are more interested in it and some dislike this topic. But do you never ask yourself questions like: is this right or wrong? Why are we here? Why do I live?

So we are spirit souls, the spark of consciousness that animates and gives life to the body. Just like the driver of a car, the soul is the driver of his hunk of material nature called a body. It´s this mistaken identification with the body that keeps us chasing every new trend, all the while remaining ignorant of the real self that´s tucked inside this machine made of skin, flesh and bones. But we are not these machines , nor will we ever be able to express ourselves by decorating these machines with the latest fashions and hip styles.

The soul is the real self, our true identity."

© aLtaball 2001-07-31 ; written for Brooklyn Times
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